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About Us



Brittany Pickens “The Juice Girl” is the definition of “when life gives you lemons you make lemonade”. Or in this case “you get juicing!”. Originally from upstate New York, relocating to Atlanta to continue her entrepreneurial journey Brittany became a Serial Entrepreneur. Brittany created the perfect seasoning called “RUB”. Brittany has a background in food blogging, which prompted her to create Eating Anonymous; where she reviews food for restaurants advertising the best places to get a bite to eat.

 Now the launch of The Juice Girl in August 2020, Brittany used the Global Pandemic to her advantage. When creating The Juice Girl she thought “what is essential right now?” the answer was your health! 

The Juice Girl offers a variety of Organic Natural Juices, using Sea Moss in each juice for extra Nutrients and Vitamins . Often asked “How do you eat all this and stay so fit?”  Brittany replies “I workout and I get Juicing”.The Juice Girl provides you with  energy and helps fight sickness, Offering customizations to make sure your juice best fits you and your targeted goals.