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All Purpose Seasoning Rub


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You Can Put It On :


⚜️ Shrimp

⚜️ Fish 


⚜️ Chicken ( Add Some Sweet Baby Rays ) 



Ingredients: No GMO , No ETA 

⚜️Cilantro Leaf 


⚜️Sesame Seed 

⚜️Black Pepper 



⚜️Lemon Peel 

⚜️Sea Salt 

⚜️Mustard Seed 

⚜️Dill Seed 


⚜️Chili Pepper 



⚜️Citric acid 

⚜️Sunflower oil 


No Calories - Sodium 110 MG 

If you’re allergic to any of theses ingredients, please don’t consume !!